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Titan Surgical Systems 

 Titan Surgical Systems is our comprehensive All on X Systems specialize in Free Hand and stackable guides and Guided surgical facially driven digital workflows that produce precise, predictable, and on-time results – every time. It's why we are the industry leader for fixed, removable, and implant restorations. Titan Surgical Systems also offers innovative chrome stackable surgical guides, a revolutionary advancement in guided implant surgery. These guides consist of multiple, stackable components that precisely align with each other. This unique design offers several advantages:

Streamlined Workflow:  chrome Stackable guides simplify the surgical process by allowing for the placement of multiple implants in a single sequence. This can significantly reduce procedure time and improve overall efficiency.
Enhanced Versatility: The modular design of stackable guides allows for their adaptation to various treatment scenarios, including single implants, full-arch restorations, and complex implant cases.
Cost-Effectiveness: By minimizing the number of surgical guides required, stackable guides can potentially offer a cost-effective solution for both dental professionals and patients.
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Revolutionizing Smile Restoration with Guided Implant Surgery

While traditional dental implant surgery relies on experience and skill, guided implant surgery offers a cutting-edge approach that leverages advanced technology for enhanced precision and predictability. This innovative technique utilizes CT scans and 3D models of your jawbone and teeth to create a customized surgical plan and specialized surgical guides. During the procedure, these guides ensure precise implant placement, minimizing the risk of nerve damage and optimizing long-term implant success. Guided surgery can also lead to minimally invasive procedures with faster healing times.
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About Titan Systems

We Know Digital & Guided Surgery

Our advanced titan digital workflow technology and experience ensures that every case is processed, managed and delivered with impeccable precision, predictability and speed. And after years of delivering digital solutions, we have a long track record to prove it.

We work with oral surgeons, general dentists, prosthodontists, and periodontists every step of the process, including chair-side support, to guarantee success.

Titan Surgical Systems Offers "All Guides"

The Guide Features 

1) Milled Grade 4 Titanium Framework Accuracy
2) Swing Hinge Engineering Allows No Need for Cumbersome Locking            Attachments
3) Open Drill Guide Technology for Easy Drill Access and Advanced Irrigation
4) Titan Digital Workflow Utilizes a Full Digital Experience for Final Restorative Records Utilizing Titan Precision Scan Bodies
5) Titan Systems Incorporates a Full Facially Driven Workflow for the Highest Accuracy in Prosthetics

What Our Clients Say

  • Titan Systems  is a great lab with great customer service. I’ve never had a restoration they couldn’t handle, glad to work with their team.

    Dr. Sam Morhaim, Manhatten, NY
  • Titan Surgical Systems is a great dental lab with great customer service. I’ve never had a restoration they couldn’t handle, glad to work with their team.

    Dr. Jack Krauser 

    Periodontist  West Palm Beach,  Florida

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