Full Arch hybrids Restorations

Full Arch Hybrids Delivering a high level of esthetics, fit, and performance with the individual characteristics of each patient
Titan Surgical Systems Dental Laboratory offers a full range of full arch hybrids restorations to serve nearly every restorative need. Whether you or your  patient wants individual crown restorations a monolithic zirconia or Nano-Ceramic restoration we can craft a product that meets the highest aesthetic standards while also delivering value.

Natural Zirconia Hybrids

Natural appearing prosthetics must take into consideration not only the proper digital arrangement of the teeth but also the patient’s skin tone, the shape of the face, gender, tooth form, and color. Our hybrids are digitally designed in a manner that promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue.

Therefore our full zirconias are Granted that a high quality multi-layered pucks . It can be cut back on the tissue with added porcelain to simulate natural gum tissue delivering a beautiful result. 
full arch hybrids

Individual Crown Hybrid

For the ultimate in not only esthetics, functionality but also natural appearance. Our lab technicians are able to design and fabricate titanium understructures with individual crowns. This design In fact offers light weight and retrievability if something were to happen we can just replace individual crown.

Nano-Ceramic Hybrid

For the Ultimate alternative to zirconia and acrylic this Nano-Ceramic Hybrid  certainly offers the best all both worlds it is light, esthetic and monolithic designed on Trilore understructure this full arch hybrids restoration also deliver unparalleled strength as well.

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