The Facial Analyzer DigitalFACE IS 3000 

First The IS 3000 facial analyzer Is The most advanced record system and Surgical guides in the dental industry and offers now: 

1. Super fast facial analyzer.  In fact less than 15 seconds to scan a face without the need for special bite forks or headgear.
2. Ideal alignments/meshes possible due to high level of accuracy.
3. Spot on occlusion for any type of case including increased VDO.
4. Allows for a facially driven 3D designed smiles that mill/print exactly like the CAD design in the frontal and transverse planes - midline, teeth size and shape, curve of Speed/Wilson and smile line after all. 

5. Integrated workflows for any type of indication - All on X, Implant overdentures, full mouth crown, bridge, veneers, and partial dentures.  
6. A  conventional facebow is no longer necessary, clinicians now have the option to delegate the “facebow record” to team members. 
7. Differentiate your practice with 3D facial scanning and smile designs. 
8. User friendly with lasers markers to assist with efficient scanning.
Surgical guides

"In Your Face Technology"

 Second The DigitalFACE IS 3000 facial Analyzer workflow offers important "In You Face Technology" what you see is what you get,  as a result reduced chair-time and try in appointments.

Our advanced immediately"IN YOUR FACE TECHNOLOGY" and expertise ensures that every case is precise delivering the highest accuracy in dentistry. Our workflows of course are managed and delivered with impeccable precision, predictability and speed.

In brief we work with oral surgeons, general dentists, prosthodontists, and periodontists every step of the process, including chair-side, to guarantee success.

Utilize our proprietary accordingly intra-oral and reverse scan protocols and collect all the records for a prosthetic reconstruction in just under 45 minutes.

The DigitalFACE Technology "facial analyzer"

Therefore the most accurate record system consequently in the industry now. Contact us to book your free online demo.

To conclude TheDigitalFACE "In Your Face Technology" And Protocols certainly Offer Comprehensive Digital Workflows That Produce Precise, Predictable, And On-Time Results In The Patients Face – Every Time. It's Why We’re The DigitalFACE Leader For All That Is Dental Records, For All On X Fixed And Removable Implant Restorations Including Crown and Bridge. Get started positively today online workflow training is accordingly available now.

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