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1. Fill Out Online Rx Forms
Please Register an account below and completed one of the Online Rx Forms for the type of case you are sending to us. We offer a variety of lab slips that are customized for certain product and service offerings. Completely fill out the form, checking all the required boxes to ensure that your Rx specifications are met. 
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2. Send Us Your Digital Impressions
Titan Surgical Systems is expertly qualified to assist clinicians who utilize digital impression protocols. We employ computer-aided technology in nearly every step of production, ensuring that prescribed restorations are consistently well-fitting and able to be fabricated from the most modern materials. For both traditional and implant restorations, Titan Surgical Systems currently accepts stereolithograpy (STL) files from all leading intraoral scanners. This means as long as you can export your STL files, then we can accept your scans! 
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